Biology for Magnetic People

Many of us magnetic particle enthusiasts, especially the chemists, physicists and engineers, never took a biology course. This tutorial here might be your first contact with the biological side of things. With Dr. Joachim Clement's three half-hour lectures, we believe you are off to a good start into this field! Dr. Clement is from the Tumour Biology and Nanomaterials Group, Dept. Hematology and Oncology, University Hospital, Jena, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany and gave us at our Dresden meeting in 2014 a fascinating Tutorial on “Biology for the Physicist, Chemist and Engineer”.

This series of lectures includes what happens when a magnetic (nano)particles enters the body and where it ends up (biodistribution), aspects of particle toxicity and how that can be tested in cells (in vitro) and in animals (in vivo). Dr. Clement also tells us about how to try to get nanoparticles to the right spot, how to figure out if it worked, and much more. We are sure you will all appreciate this information in your future particle work.

You can download Dr. Clement's tutorial here.

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