Ferrofluid Society Germany: A New Society

February 03, 2011

 To promote the basics and applied research on ferrofluids, the Ferrofluid Society Germany was founded in 2010. Its purposes cover the coordination between scientific groups, the organization of seminars, conferences and workshops as well as the offering of awards for outstanding scientific research in the field of ferrofluids.

During the 10th German Ferrofluid-Workshop a first general assembly of the Society took place. The members elected the chairman and the Executive Board. Also the charters of the Society were confirmed. For the next three years the following colleagues will guide the activities of the Society:
• Prof. Stefan Odenbach (TU Dresden), Chairman
• Prof. Annette Schmidt (Uni Köln), Co-chairman
• Dr. Patrick IIg (ETH Zürich), Secretary
• Dr. Adrian Lange (TU Dresden), Treasurer

The web-page of the Society is now available at http://www.ferrofluidverein.de/. Any person with an interest in ferrofluids and related fields is invited to join the Ferrofluid Society German. There are two member categories: ordinary member with an annual fee of 50 EUR and student member (including PhD students) with an annual fee of 25 EUR. Fees are for a calendar year. For further information all interested individuals are cordially invited to contact Dr. Adrian Lange at TU Dresden: adrian.lange@tu-dresden.de

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