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Hitchhiker's Guide to Magnetism

Professor Bruce M. Moskowitz at the University of Minnesota is the Associate Director of the Institute for Rock Magnetism (IRM). This Institute encourages and helps visiting researchers in their studies of important new topics in rock magnetism and related interdisciplinary fields. Prof. Moskowitz knows a lot about all different kinds of magnetic minerals, and has put together an excellent introduction to magnetism, magnetic properties, crystal structures and domain theory. He also explains extremely well and in detail the different types of magnetic measurements methods and what can be learned from the resulting curves.

Check it out in his "Hitchhiker's Guide to Magnetism".

And if you think you might want to use some of the methods available at the Institute for Rock Magnetism, don't hesitate to check out the IRM's equipment list and how you can make use of it: http://www.irm.umn.edu/

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