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The City of Vancouver

Overlooking Vancouver from the North Shore mountains

Vancouver is situated along the beautiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean in the southwest corner of Canada. With a metropolitan population of over two million, Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia and the third largest in Canada. People have immigrated to the city from many countries making Vancouver a wonderful mixing pot of different ethnic backgrounds.

Not only does Vancouver have a bustling city district but also vast wilderness and mountains outside city limits. Warm and wet weather coming from the Pacific Ocean create a lush habitat capable of supporting the area’s temperate rainforests. This landscape leads to many outdoor activities that a great number of residents and visitors embark upon. Hiking, mountain biking and skiing are a few of the many options available just across the Burrard Inlet that separates Downtown Vancouver from the mountains that lie beyond.

olympicsVancouver was chosen to host the 2010 Olympic games for its beauty, accessibility and range of activities available both in the city and the surroundings. Events will take place at venues in Vancouver as well as the popular Whistler Ski Resort to the north. This event is sure to make Vancouver a city known worldwide for its spectacular outdoor activities and progressive urban lifestyle.

Orcas swimming in The Strait of Georgia west of Vancouver

The Vancouver based, University of British Columbia is situated on the west tip of the Point Grey Peninsula, approximately 30 minutes from downtown. Before entering campus you will pass through Pacific Spirit Park filled with walking and biking trails that offer a great look at the local habitat. Once on campus you will be presented with an array of state of the art buildings conducted teaching and research in areas of biotechnology, agriculture, commerce and more. The campus is used by over forty thousand students and more than seven thousand faculty members making it quite a busy place on the average afternoon. The campus has made a pledge to become a world model for sustainable practices and has a number of buildings that have been awarded for their green building accomplishments.

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The map below shows the location of UBC campus. You will find bus and cab transportation from the Vancouver Airport and downtown to the campus.

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A detailed printable Vancouver map is available here. This map includes all major roads, accomodations and city attractions.

Weather in Vancouver, BC
  Due to the unpredictable weather of Vancouver in the spring its a good idea to have a jacket even if the temperature is warm. Near the ocean (particularly on the boat cruise) you will find the wind makes it a bit cooler. If you have a raincoat, bring it along, you never know if you will be showered by one of Vancouver's rainstorms.
How to Get to Vancouver

Flying into Vancouver International Airport
Refer to the directions here to get to UBC from the airport.

Driving from Seattle Airport

  1. Merge onto WA-518 E via the ramp to I-5/Seattle/I-405/Tacoma
  2. Take the exit on the left onto I-5 N toward Seattle
  3. Continue on HWY-99 N (Entering Canada)
  4. Take the ramp to Granville St/City Centre
  5. Turn left at W 70th Ave
  6. Slight right at SW Marine Dr
  7. Turn right at W 16th Ave
  8. Turn left at Westbrook Mall

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More Information about the Conference Location (UBC) and how to get there is available here.

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