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After every "Magnetic Carrier Meeting", we publish peer reviewed articles in a special journal issue that contains the most-up-to date research in our area. The special issue in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials is available now. The special JMMM issue contains 58 articles with novel research.

JMMM has an impact factor of IF = 2.63 (2017)

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Table of Contents for our Special 2017 Issue

Zborowski M, Häfeli U, Dutz S, Schütt W (2017). Preface to the Magnetic Carrier 2016 issue. JMMM 427, 1.

Heidsieck A, Rudigkeit S, Rümenapp C, Gleich B (2017). Simple optical measurement of the magnetic moment of magnetically labeled objects. JMMM 427, 2-6.

Jaiswal D, Rad AT, Nieh M-P, Claffey KP, Hoshino K (2017). Micromagnetic Cancer Cell Immobilization and Release for Real-Time Single Cell Analysis. JMMM 427, 7-13.

Ahrentorp F, Blomgren J, Jonasson C, Sarwe A, Sepehri S, Eriksson E, Kalaboukhov A, Jesorka A, Winkler D, Schneiderman JF, Nilsson M, Albert J, de la Torre TZG, Strømme M, Johansson C (2017). Sensitive magnetic biodetection using magnetic multi-core nanoparticles and RCA coils. JMMM 427, 14-18.

Ludwig F, Balceris C, Viereck T, Posth O, Steinhoff U, Gavilan H, Costo R, Zeng L, Olsson E, Jonasson C, Johansson C (2017). Size analysis of single-core magnetic nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 19-24.

Zhou C, Qian Z, Choi YS, David AE, Todd P, Hanley TR (2017). Application of magnetic carriers to two examples of quantitative cell analysis. JMMM 427, 25-28.

Baldikova E, Prochazkova J, Stepanek M, Hajduova J, Pospiskova K, Safarikova M, Safarik I (2017). PMAA-stabilized ferrofluid/chitosan/yeast composite for bioapplications. JMMM 427, 29-33.

Huang Y-S, Lu Y-J, Chen J-P (2017). Magnetic graphene oxide as a carrier for targeted delivery of chemotherapy drugs in cancer therapy. JMMM 427, 34-40.

Gabbasov R, Polikarpov D, Cherepanov V, Chuev M, Mischenko I, Loginiva N, Loseva E, Nikitin M, Panchenko V (2017). Exogenous iron redistribution between brain and spleen after the administration of the 57Fe3O4 ferrofluid into the ventricle of the brain. JMMM 427, 41-47.

Siposova K, Pospiskova K, Bednarikova Z, Safarik I, Safarikova M, Kubovcikova M, Kopcansky P, Gazova Z (2017). The molecular mass of dextran used to modify magnetite nanoparticles affects insulin amyloid aggregation. JMMM 427, 48-53.

Chanhom P, Charoenlap N, Tomapatanaget B, Insin N (2017). Colloidal titania-silica-iron oxide nanocomposites and the effect from silica thickness on the photocatalytic and bactericidal activities. JMMM 427, 54-59.

Injumpa W, Ritprajak P, Insin N (2017). Size-dependent cytotoxicity and inflammatory responses of PEGylated silica-iron oxide nanocomposite size series. JMMM 427, 60-66.

Kubovcikova M, Gapon IV, Zavisova V, Koneracka M, Petrenko VI, Soltwedel O, Almasy L, Avdeev MV, Kopcansky P (2017). On the adsorption properties of magnetic fluids: Impact of bulk structure. JMMM 427, 67-70.

Lu Y-C, Chang F-Y, Tu S-J, Chen J-P, Ma Y-H (2017). Cellular uptake of magnetite nanoparticles enhanced by NdFeB magnets in staggered arrangement. JMMM 427, 71-80.

Mair LO, Nacev A, Hilaman R, Stepanov PY, Chowdhury S, Jafari S, Hausfeld J, Karlsson AJ, Shirtliff ME, Shapiro B, Weinberg IN (2017). Biofilm disruption with rotating microrods enhances antimicrobial efficacy. JMMM 427, 81-84.

Sun J, Shi Z, Jia S, Zhang P (2017). The force analysis for superparamagnetic nanoparticles-based gene delivery in an oscillating magnetic field. JMMM 427, 85-89.

Chen L, Chen C, Wang P, Chen C, Wu L-F, Song T (2017). A compound magnetic field generating system for targeted killing of Staphylococcus aureus by magnetotactic bacteria in a microfluidic chip. JMMM 427, 90-94.

Szekeres M, Tóth IY, Turcu R, Tombácz E (2017). The effect of polycarboxylate shell of magnetite nanoparticles on protein corona formation in blood plasma. JMMM 427, 95-99.

Tefft BJ, Uthamaraj S, Harburn JJ, Hlinomaz O, Lerman A, Dragomir-Daescu D, Sandhu GS (2017). Magnetizable stent-grafts enable endothelial cell capture. JMMM 427, 100-104.

Wang P, Chen C, Chen C, Li Y, Pan W, Song T (2017). The interaction of bacterial magnetosomes and human liver cancer cells in vitro. JMMM 427, 105-110.

Yurenya AY, Polikarpov MA, Chukalova AA, Moskaleva EY, Taldenkov AN, Panchenko VY (2017). The magnetic introduction of magnetite nanoparticles into live cells for radiosensibility enhancement. JMMM 427, 111-113.

Khmara I, Koneracka M, Kubovcikova M, Zavisova V, Antal I, Csach K, Kopcansky P, Vidlickova I, Csaderova L, Pastorekova S, Zatovicova M (2017). Preparation of poly-L-lysine functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and their influence on viability of cancer cells. JMMM 427, 114-121.

Joos A, Löwa N, Wiekhorst F, Gleich B, Haase A (2017). Size-dependent MR relaxivities of magnetic nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 122-126.

Balejcikova L, Strbak O, Baciak L, Kovac J, Masarova M, Krafcik A, Frollo I, Dobrota D, Kopcansky P (2017). Magnetic resonance imaging of reconstructed ferritin as an iron-induced pathological model system. JMMM 427, 127-132.

Löwa N, Seidel M, Radon P, Wiekhorst F (2017). Magnetic nanoparticles in different biological environments analyzed by magnetic particle spectroscopy. JMMM 427, 133-138.

Polikarpov MA, Ustinin MN, Rykunov SD, Yurenya AY, Naurzakov SP, Grebenkin AP, Panchenko VY (2017). 3D imaging of magnetic particles using the 7-channel magnetoencephalography device without pre-magnetization or displacement of the sample. JMMM 427, 139-143.

Sasayama T, Tsujita Y, Morishita M, Muta M, Yoshida T, Enpuku K (2017). Three-dimensional magnetic nanoparticle imaging using small field gradient and multiple pickup coils. JMMM 427, 144-150.

Siegmund BJ, Kasten A, Kühn J-P, Winter K, Grüttner C, Frerich B (2017). MRI-tracking of transplanted human ASC in a SCID mouse model. JMMM 427, 151-155.

Viereck T, Kuhlmann C, Draack S, Schilling M, Ludwig F (2017). Dual-frequency magnetic particle imaging of the Brownian particle contribution. JMMM 427, 156-161.

Yoshida T, Matsugi Y, Tsujimura N, Sasayama T, Enpuku K, Viereck T, Schilling M, Ludwig F (2017). Effect of alignment of easy axes on dynamic magnetization of immobilized magnetic nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 162-167.

Dey C, Baishya K, Ghosh A, Goswami MM, Ghosh A, Mandal K (2017). Improvement of drug delivery by hyperthermia treatment using magnetic cubic cobalt ferrite nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 168-174.

Radon P, Löwa N, Gutkelch D, Wiekhorst F (2017). Design and characterization of a device to quantify the magnetic drug targeting efficiency of magnetic nanoparticles in a tube flow phantom by magnetic particle spectroscopy. JMMM 427, 175-180.

Hoshiar AK, Le T-A, Amin FU, Kim MO, Yoon J (2017). Studies of aggregated nanoparticles steering during magnetic-guided drug delivery in the blood vessels. JMMM 427, 181-187.

Hsu H-L, Chen J-P (2017). Preparation of thermosensitive magnetic liposome encapsulated recombinant tissue plasminogen activator for targeted thrombolysis. JMMM 427, 188-194.

Beck MM, Lammel C, Gleich B (2017). Improving heat generation of magnetic nanoparticles by pre-orientation of particles in a static three tesla magnetic field. JMMM 427, 195-199.

Pandey S, Quetz A, Aryal A, Dubenko I, Mazumdar D, Stadler S, Ali N (2017). Thermosensitive Ni-based magnetic particles for self-controlled hyperthermia applications. JMMM 427, 200-205.

Lemal P, Geers C, Monnier CA, Crippa F, Daum L, Urban DA, Rothen-Rutishauser B, Bonmarin M, Petri-Fink A, Moore TL (2017). Lock-in thermography as a rapid and reproducible thermal characterization method for magnetic nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 206-211.

Crippa F, Moore TL, Mortato M, Geers C, Haeni L, Hirt AM, Rothen-Rutishauser B, Petri-Fink A (2017). Dynamic and biocompatible thermo-responsive magnetic hydrogels that respond to an alternating magnetic field. JMMM 427, 212-219.

Sherwood J, Xu Y, Lovas K, Qin Y, Bao Y (2017). Surface functionalization of dopamine coated iron oxide nanoparticles for various surface functionalities. JMMM 427, 220-224.

Chandra G, Srivastava RC, Reddy VR, Agrawal HM (2017). Effect of sintering temperature on magnetization and Mössbauer parameters of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 225-229.

De-León-Prado LE, Cortés-Hernández DA, Almanza-Robles JM, Escobedo-Bocardo JC, Sánchez J, Reyes-Rdz PY, Jasso-Terán RA, Hurtado-López GF (2017). Synthesis and characterization of nanosized MgxMn1−xFe2O4 ferrites by both sol-gel and thermal decomposition methods. JMMM 427, 230-234.

Ajkidkarn P, Ritprajak P, Injumpa W, Porntaveetus T, Insin N (2017). Synthesis, characterization, drug release and transdentinal delivery studies of magnetic nanocubes coated with biodegradable poly(2-(dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate). JMMM 427, 235-240.

Jasso-Terán RA, Cortés-Hernández DA, Sánchez-Fuentes HJ, Reyes-Rodríguez PY, de-León-Prado LE, Escobedo-Bocardo JC, Almanza-Robles JM (2017). Synthesis, characterization and hemolysis studies of Zn(1−x)CaxFe2O4 ferrites synthesized by sol-gel for hyperthermia treatment applications. JMMM 427, 241-244.

Jirák Z, Kulicková J, Herynek V, Maryško M, Koktan J, Kaman O (2017). Titania-coated manganite nanoparticles: Synthesis of the shell, characterization and MRI properties. JMMM 427, 245-250.

Kaman O, Kulicková J, Herynek V, Koktan J, Maryško M, Dedourková T, Knícek K, Jirák Z (2017). Preparation of Mn-Zn ferrite nanoparticles and their silica-coated clusters: Magnetic properties and transverse relaxivity. JMMM 427, 251-257.

Prabu C, Latha S, Selvamani P, Ahrentorp F, Johansson C, Takeda R, Takemura Y, Ota S (2017). Layer-by-layer assembled magnetic prednisolone microcapsules (MPC) for controlled and targeted drug release at rheumatoid arthritic joints. JMMM 427, 258-267.

Reyes-Rodríguez PY, Cortés-Hernández DA, Escobedo-Bocardo JC, Almanza-Robles JM, Sánchez-Fuentes HJ, Jasso-Terán A, De León-Prado LE, Méndez-Nonell J, Hurtado-López GF (2017). Structural and magnetic properties of Mg-Zn ferrites (Mg1−xZnxFe2O4) prepared by sol-gel method. JMMM 427, 268-271.

Sánchez J, Cortés-Hernández DA, Escobedo-Bocardo JC, Almanza-Robles JM, Reyes-Rodríguez PY, Jasso-Terán RA, Bartolo-Pérez P, De-León-Prado LE (2017). Synthesis of MnxGa1−xFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles by thermal decomposition method for medical diagnosis applications. JMMM 427, 272-275.

Seisno S, Suga K, Nakagawa T, Yamamoto TA (2017). Synthesis and characterization of hollow magnetic nanospheres modified with Au nanoparticles for bio-encapsulation. JMMM 427, 276-279.

Tóth IY, Nesztor D, Novák L, Illés E, Szekeres M, Szabó T, Tombácz E (2017). Clustering of carboxylated magnetite nanoparticles through polyethylenimine: Covalent versus electrostatic approach. JMMM 427, 280-288.

Dong T, Yang L, Pan F, Xing H, Wang L, Yu J, Qu H, Rong M, Liu H (2017). Effect of immobilized amine density on cadmium(II) adsorption capacities for ethanediamine-modified magnetic poly-(glycidyl methacrylate) microspheres. JMMM 427, 289-295.

Hirota N, Ando T, Takano T, Okada H (2017). In-situ observation of particles deposition process on a ferromagnetic filter during high-gradient magnetic separation process. JMMM 427, 296-299.

Samanta A, Ganguly R, Datta A, Modak N (2017). Separation of magnetic beads in a hybrid continuous flow microfluidic device. JMMM 427, 300-305.

Royet D, Hériveaux Y, Marchalot J, Scorretti R, Dias A, Dempsey NM, Bonfim M, Simonet P, Frénéa-Robin M (2017). Using injection molding and reversible bonding for easy fabrication of magnetic cell trapping and sorting devices. JMMM 427, 306-313.

Angelova R, Baldikova E, Pospiskova K, Safarikova M, Safarik I (2017). Magnetically modified sheaths of Leptothrix sp. as an adsorbent for Amido black 10B removal. JMMM 427, 314-319.

Witte K, Müller K, Grüttner C, Westphal F, Johansson C (2017). Particle size- and concentration-dependent separation of magnetic nanoparticles. JMMM 427, 320-324.

Moore LR, Williams PS, Chalmers JJ, Zborowski M (2017). Tessellated permanent magnet circuits for flow-through, open gradient separations of weakly magnetic materials. JMMM 427, 325-330.

Remmer H, Roeben E, Schmidt AM, Schilling M, Ludwig F (2017). Dynamics of magnetic nanoparticles in viscoelastic media. JMMM 427, 331-335.

Stange R, Lenk F, Bley T, Boschke E (2017). Acceleration of superparamagnetic particles with magnetic fields. JMMM 427, 336-344.

Zhang X, Le T-A, Yoon J (2017). Development of a real time imaging-based guidance system of magnetic nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery. JMMM 427, 345-351.

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