Copenhagen is a rather expensive and very touristy place. So even at the end of May, you will have to book very early to get a reasonable hotel. The university and its beautiful auditorium are located in an area called Norrebro, not far from Frederiksberg. However, the transportation system in Copenhagen is excellent, and even being a bit further away (downtown etc.) is not a problem at all.

We recommend that you look around in the following websites for a hotel:




We will look further for good housing possibilities and will post them here once they come available. Good luck in your search!

Cycling in Copenhagen

With the excellent bicycle paths, and the fact that 49% of Copenhagen people go to work by bike, you might want to use a bicycle too during your time in Copenhagen, if you are anywhere within about 5 km of the meeting location. Have a look at this video:

The recommended company to rent from is Bicyklen. Check it out, it is affordable and fun.

And check out the rules - Danes are not very forgiving if you cycle with your own rules. And since there are up to 100 bicycles going through a traffic light from when it turns green until it is red again (I counted - it is very impressive), people really have to do it right to not constantly collide. The next video gives you the ground rules:

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