Conference Location
University of Copenhagen (UCPH) Campus in Copenhagen

The Maersk Tower, UCPH's newest building (and our meeting location!). 

The building has been inaugurated in September 2017 - here we see it under construction.

The Norre campus of UCPH is situated a bit west of downtown, in Norrebro. It is very modern, and the building has just been finalized in September 2017. The university is very proud of this highset building of Copenhagen. See some more information in this website:

The cantina, where we will have lunch is in the same building, and the food is excellent!

Get to the University of Copenhagen Campus - And the Maersk Tower

The building is also called Panum.

Blegdamsvej 3, 2200 Kobenhavn, Denmark
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From Copenhagen's International Airport Kastrup by Subway/Bus
  1. Take the subway from the airport to Nørreport station
  2. When you get out of the subway, take the bus line 6A, 42, 42, 184, 185 or 150S
    - it should take about 35-40 min to get there and costs 24 DKK. For more fare information, see this website:

From Vancouver International Airport by Taxi

Costs about 250 DKK (about US$40) and is not much faster.


Once on Campus

This map might be helpful


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